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A Zombie Pegasus

Most minions can be turned into zombies by death damage. When a minion is damaged by a death spell and dies the minion will become a zombie under the power of the person who casts the death spell. Zombie minions have the following properties:

  • They lose health at 5 hit points per turn, to a minimum of 1hp
  • They are healed by Death damage, including walking into an Aura of Decay.
  • Their health limit is capped at their original HP, or 100 if it is lower than that.
  • They take double damage from Light spells.
  • They are damaged (up to 50) by healing from the Sphere of Healing.
  • Immunity to the spell Swallowing Pit.
  • They retain all elemental resistances.
  • They count towards its original owner's minion count, but only if they are stolen by an opponent who already has 4 minions.

Zombie Dragon and Zombie Pegasus have their own Aura of Decay, which heals them every turn as any other aura would. A Wraith starts out as a zombie minion, thus all of these rules apply to it as soon as it is summoned.

Zombie minions look similar to un-zombified minions, but certain parts of their body will be brown or green, and certain parts of their skeletons will also be visible.

The health of a zombie minion is constant upon transformation; the strength of the spell used to zombify the minion, and the minion's previous health points, has no effect.

Zombified Minions

Minions that aren't in the following table cannot be zombified. These minions are known as arcane minions.

Minion Zombified Minion Health Spells Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
Zombie Dwarf
12 Mine Infinite 0/1 50 Allows the dwarf to mine through the earth, making it useful for reaching hiding Arcanists. Mine will travel directly through Arcanists and minions, making it difficult to hit throughout the whole move.
Kablam! Infinite 0/1 75 Kablam! is effectively a dynamite that deals 75 damage. The Dwarf will run away when it plants it; however, unless it falls from an edge whilst fleeing, it will not run fast enough to escape the explosion.
Zombie Cyclops
18 Cyclops Shock Attack Infinite 0/1 50 Storm Same as Thunder Shock.
Chain Lightning Infinite 0/1 200 Storm Always fires at full power, and will bounce around for multiple hits, considerably damaging the scenery. Very hard to control.
Zombie Sylph
12 Sylph Arrow Infinite 0/1 60 Shoots three frost arrows which home in on the target.
Ice Shield Infinite 0/5 N/A Creates a thin barrier around the caster, does not end the caster's turn.
Frost Giant
Zombie Frost Giant
25 Smash Infinite 0/1 30 A short range attack.
Frost Giant-Ball Infinite 0/5 75 Similar to Ice ball.
Ice Bomb 4 0/1 250 Releases a number of frost shards which can damage opponents or the scenery.
Snow Ball Infinite 0/1 100 Snow Will detonate in midair, sending snow down on to the target. Can also be thrown at the target, as with regular balls.
Zombie Pegasus
25 Drain Bolt 1 0/1 30 The Pegasus is healed an amount of health points equal to the amount of damage dealt. It cannot damage itself using this spell.
Dark Knight
Zombie Dark Knight/Dark Paladin
25 Charge Infinite 0/1 250 Digs away at the terrain whilst dealing heavy damage to players. It often misses potential damage because it will travel through Arcanists without stopping. Cannot be used if stunned.
Drain Bolt 1 0/1 30 The Knight is healed an amount of health points equal to the amount of damage dealt. It cannot damage itself using this spell.
Zombie Pixie
12 Drain Bolt 1 0/1 30 The Pixie is healed an amount of health points equal to the amount of damage dealt. It cannot damage itself using this spell.
Flame Dragon
Zombie Dragon
37 Zombie Breath Infinite 0/1 90 Fires three drain bolts.
Storm Dragon
Frost Dragon
Zombie Man-Trap
25 Thorn Ball Infinite 0/1 50 Sets a thorn mine at the point of impact. If the mine is hit with an attack, it explodes.
Thorn Bomb 4 0/1 1000 Explodes, setting a circle of thorn mines around the explosion area.
Ent Whip Infinite 0/1 35 Similar to Vine Whip.
Vine Bridge 4 0/1 0 Shoots out a vine which latches on the first pieces of land it touches, creating a traversable bridge.
Entangle Infinite 0/1 0 If it hits an arcanist or minion, the unit cannot fly and has drastically reduced jumping ability (comparable to that of a paladin).
Vine Bomb 4 0/1 30 Shoots a flurry of flowers out from its detonation point, enclosing the area and anything in it.
Vine Bloom 1 5/- 5000 Causes the man-trap to self-destruct, releasing several vine and thorn bombs.
Zombie Elf
10 Volley Infinite 0/1 20 per elf per turn Sets up a target at a selected location. Every turn, all elves on the map will shoot at the target.
Flurry Infinite 3/5 60 per elf Causes all elves on the map to fire a stream of arrows towards the selected target point. The number of arrows fired is increased if the nature familiar has been summoned.
Water Troll
Zombie Water Troll
10, 25, or 50 - depends on hydration Dive Infinite 0/1 N/A This spell is targeted. When used, the Water Troll dives and then spawns at the selected location.
Brine Goblin
Zombie Brine Goblin
6 N/A N/A N/A 100 When it reaches 0 health, it explodes and brine salt is tossed everywhere.
Recall Device
Zombie Recall Device
12 Recall 1 0/- N/A Sacrifices the Zombie Recall Device. Teleports you to the Zombie Recall Device's location. This minion's ability doesn't end your turn, but it cannot be used if you are in the water.
Zombie Monarch
5 Flutter 1 0/1 5 Knocks the target in a small radius around the monarch.
Zombie Gargoyle
7 Blood Lust Infinite 0/1 70 Powerful Melee attack.
Dark Totem
Zombie Dark Totem
7 None N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mountain Goat
Zombie Mountain Goat
7 None N/A N/A N/A N/A
Zombie Monkey
6 Thorn Ball (Passive) N/A N/A 50 Sets a thorn mine at the point of impact aiming at the player. If the mine is hit with an attack, it explodes.
Corrupt Dragon
Corrupt Zombie Dragon
37 Zombie Breath Infinite 0/1 90 Fires three drain bolts.
Arcane Bomb Infinite 0/1 40 Throws a bomb over the terrain that explodes into three Arcane Arrows.
Arcane Energizer Infinite 0/5 N/A Surround the minion with an arcane aura that lasts for five turns and causes all of your arcane attacks to deal extra damage.
Arcane Flash Infinite 0/1 15 Blast your enemies out of the arena with this spell, which creates an intense ball of energy that knocks everyone but yourself far and wide.
Arcane Gate Infinite 0/5 N/A Teleports you to a specified location. (Note the minion can't use this spell underwater)
Arcane Glyph 4 0/1 10x10 Creates a ring of protective glyphs around the minion that hampers enemy movement and will stop anything from being knocked away.
Arcane Portal Infinite 0/5 N/A Creates a two-way portal to allow travel between your current location and the selected destination.
Arcane Sigil 4 0/1 3x10 Creates a triangle of three arcane glyphs at the selected location, which can be useful for blocking holes or portals.
Imp Destruction Infinite 0/5 Varies All imps on the map explode, releasing a cloud of Arcane Arrows at the selected target.
Summon Imps Infinite 0/5 N/A Summons a group of 3 arcane imps to do your bidding.
Arcane Mist Infinite 0/5 15 Arcane per turn over 5 turns Like Aura of Decay, only Arcane.


  • While zombie gargoyles have the morph ability equipped, they're unable to use it regardless.

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