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Tournaments are competitive events in Arcanists 2 where players compete for various prizes awarded by the community. Currently, the majority of tournament events are organized by moderators and tournament organizers in the official Arcanists 2 discord server, with a few exceptions being those that are hosted by private communities. In order to participate in tournaments that are sanctioned by the Arcanists 2 community, players must sign up in the active #season-info channel in the discord server.

General Tournament Rules

General tournament rules are stated in the #tourney-info channel of the Arcanists 2 discord server. Rules are subject to change.

As of December 3rd, 2021, the rules are as follows:

  • All server rules found under the rules-and-server-info section of discord apply. Breaking them will be grounds for disqualification. Tournament Hosts and Mods have final say on all tournament-related counts. Please confine discussion of rulings to the tournament-discussion channel of discord or discord private messages, do not flood other channels.
  • Tournament Hosts or Mods must watch games for it to count. Please grab one of them before starting your match.
  • All season-specific rules and guidelines will apply to their respective tournaments, and will be posted in the tournament-specific channel (usually season#-info).
  • Practice good sportsmanship. Do not be toxic, call others names, harass hosts or mods, or be unnecessarily obtuse or difficult to work with.
  • Be available. Lack of availability may result in disqualification without prejudice. Most players are available during evening hours for US and EU timezones, so it is highly preferable that you are able to play during these hours. If you cannot make it to your arranged match, please let one of the Tournament Hosts know as soon as possible. Make attempts to organize matches in the #tournament-discussion discord channel so that Tournament Hosts can see that you are active. Keep pings and/or DMs open from server.
  • During an official match, a player must be fully in control of their character and must not receive outside help. Account sharing, 'guiding', relaying lobby chat, secretly alting in the lobby, and other such actions may result in punishment for all involved. This rule applies to spectators as well.
    • During tournaments involving teams, teammates are always allowed to offer suggestions, but the account sharing portion of the rule still applies.
  • Bug abuse and other malicious activities, such as ddosing or DC hacking, will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate disqualification.
    • In the event of a disconnection or game resync not caused by a player, there may be a remake at the host's discretion, such as the disconnected party having a clear advantage or the game being in an early stage. If your game disconnects or resyncs, take a screenshot and send this to the host(s).
  • Remember that this is a remake of the game and as such some mechanics may be slightly different. If you’re new, play some games before your official match to get an understanding of how the game works. Please report any bugs in the bug-reports discord channel.
    • A particularly low map on Elven Isles will be a remade game at the discretion of the Tournament Hosts.

Below is a list of currently active Tournament Organizers (TOs). This list is accurate as of March 2, 2022:

Mark of Server Mod Crown.png Mark of Server Mod (Management)
Tournament Organizer Icon.png Inc (Team Leader)
Tournament Organizer Icon.png clint (Deputy Team Leader)
Tournament Organizer Icon.png Jimothy (Deputy Team Leader)
Tournament Organizer Icon.png red
Tournament Organizer Icon.png Dom

Tournament Types

The two main tournament types that have been created in the Arcanists 2 community are seasonal tournaments, and the weekend series tournaments.

Seasonal tournaments are widely considered more prestigious, with trophy roles being handed out for each one, and also additional prizes are quite often awarded including costumes, rating, and even cash prizes. These tournaments take place over a time span of 1-4 weeks, usually. Seasonal tournaments also have a larger entry pool, as players from all different time zones participate.

The weekend series tournaments are scheduled tournaments that are held across one day. Rather than regular sign-ups and having matches arranged over a long stretch of time, participants must be present during a check-in phase, along with their teammates, in order to participate. Participants then play a series of matches over the course of the day, with a winning team being crowned usually after about 4-5 hours of games. Rather than trophy roles and other prizes being handed out, the awards for winning weekend series tournaments are a medal cosmetic. These tournaments are designed for players to enjoy the fun of teams tournaments in a somewhat casual format, while not having to struggle to arrange games with people in different time zones.

Additionally, there are a few tournaments that can be categorized as non-sanctioned tournaments. These tournaments are ones that are often organized within friend groups, clans, or other communities that are separate from the Arcanists 2 community. As they are not hosted by the tournament organizers of the Arcanists 2 community, they are not subject to the rules and procedures stated in the General Tournament Rules section, and are often not open to public sign-ups.

Upcoming Tournaments

Tournament Date P# First Medal.png Second Medal.png Third Medal.png
Weekend Series Tournament #5 June 25, 2022 TBD TBD TBD TBD

Ongoing Tournaments

There are no ongoing tournaments at this time.

Past Tournaments

Season Tournament Date P# 1st Place Trophy.png 2nd Place Trophy.png 3rd Place Trophy.png
11 Preliminary Circuit: 60s Giants' Mountains Jun 3, 2022 - TBD 38 Falcos Spik3 deivius1 Nevets H
10 30s Goblin Caves, OG Spells Only Jan 28, 2022 - Mar 22, 2022 16 Nikaray Siggy no ret
9 Trash Into Treasure Tournament Dec 10, 2021 - Jan 2, 2022 36 Nikaray Quinn no ret
8 30s Elven Isles, First Turn Bid, Double Elimination Oct 30, 2021 - Nov 17, 2021 29 Tka no ret deivius1
7 2v2 Partner Swap, Double Elimination, 30s Random Map Sep 5, 2021 - Oct 25, 2021 36 no ret & red Quinn & Nikaray Whicker & Pheonix
6 20 random spells/map Jul 23-25, 2021 32 cryo MileyyHannah Usman899 / Quinn
5 Week 4, 30 Round Robin May 28, 2021 17 Siggy tot Usman899
5 Week 3, 60 Grassy May 21, 2021 19 tot Nikaray Siggy
5 Week 2, 45 F2P Grassy/Random May 14, 2021 16 tot grapplepi Quinn
5 Week 1, 60 Random May 7, 2021 17 tot MileyyHannah 10pc
4 10g Duos, Best of 3 Random Mar 12-21, 2021 32 Stein & tot red & Cobble Fame & Baboo
3 30g Elemental Mayhem Jan 29-31, 2021 18 Siggy Usman899 Nikaray / cryo
2 10s Fissure Quickshot Oct 2-10, 2020 16 gol Ocram050 Siggy / Proz
1 Return of the Wizards Aug 19 - Sep 19, 2020 46 gol Siggy DrcMgcnPuzzle

Tournament Date P# First Medal.png Second Medal.png Third Medal.png
Weekend Series Tournament #4 Apr 2, 2022 16 Frosty Shrek 4 Icy
Weekend Series Tournament #3 Feb 12, 2022 15 BLOOM Arc15 FROST
Weekend Series Tournament #2 Jan 15, 2022 27 Shrek 3 Dream Meme Team We Love Alts
Weekend Series Tournament #1 Jan 2, 2022 24 Shrek 3 WCBD Team Mud

Tournament Date P# First Medal.png Second Medal.png Third Medal.png
FROST Clan Tournament #1 Apr 21, 2022 - May 7, 2022 16 Coeval i deivius1
Arcanists Lithuania Tournament #2 Apr 13, 2021 - June 2021 21 Mks Kawabird Foodlovere
Arcanists Lithuania Tournament #1 Dec 19, 2020 16 Night Juse Cookie

Individual Performances

Currently, the player who holds the record for the most amount of tournament wins (4) is tot.

First Place

1st Place Trophy.png1st Place Trophy.png1st Place Trophy.png1st Place Trophy.png2nd Place Trophy.png tot
1st Place Trophy.png1st Place Trophy.png2nd Place Trophy.png2nd Place Trophy.png3rd Place Trophy.png Nikaray
1st Place Trophy.png1st Place Trophy.png2nd Place Trophy.png2nd Place Trophy.png3rd Place Trophy.png Siggy
1st Place Trophy.png1st Place Trophy.png gol
1st Place Trophy.png2nd Place Trophy.png3rd Place Trophy.png3rd Place Trophy.png no ret
1st Place Trophy.png3rd Place Trophy.png cryo
1st Place Trophy.png red
1st Place Trophy.png Tka
1st Place Trophy.png Stein

Second Place

2nd Place Trophy.png2nd Place Trophy.png3rd Place Trophy.png3rd Place Trophy.png Quinn
2nd Place Trophy.png2nd Place Trophy.png MileyyHannah
2nd Place Trophy.png3rd Place Trophy.png3rd Place Trophy.png Usman899
2nd Place Trophy.png Cobble
2nd Place Trophy.png grapplepi
2nd Place Trophy.png Ocram050
2nd Place Trophy.png red

Third Place

3rd Place Trophy.png deivius1
3rd Place Trophy.png Whicker
3rd Place Trophy.png Pheonix
3rd Place Trophy.png 10pc
3rd Place Trophy.png Baboo
3rd Place Trophy.png DrcMgcnPuzzle
3rd Place Trophy.png Fame
3rd Place Trophy.png Proz