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Special events are an umbrella term for community-hosted events that take place on special occasions. These events do not fall under the categorization of tournaments, and often do not require the player to participate in actual games, but are still semi-competitive and often include prizes. Currently, all special events are organized by tournament organizers and/or moderators in the official Arcanists 2 discord server. Although these events are irregular and infrequent as they take place during special occasions such as anniversaries, players can participate in them by signing up in the appropriate discord channel of the Arcanists 2 discord server.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no confirmed upcoming events.

Ongoing Events

There are currently no ongoing events.

Past Events

S Event Occasion Date P# 1st Place Trophy.png 2nd Place Trophy.png 3rd Place Trophy.png
1st Arcanists Olympics 2nd Anniversary Aug 15, 2021-Sep 3, 2021 27 grapplepi & Inc Various Various
1st Arcanists Costume Competition 2nd Anniversary Aug 4-13, 2021 52 Moin the Miner knux400 grapplepi