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Random Spellbooks

Random Spellbook mode was first added on March 12, 2020 and gave everyone in the game the same random book with the following conditions:

- Arcane Gate, +6 random tier 1 spells, +7 random tier 2 spells, +2 random tier 3 spells (with Arcane Flash and Arcane Zero Shield counting as tier 3 spells) for a total of 16 spells

- Minions get all their spells whether you carry the spell or not

In the subsequent patch on March 30, a Unique Random Spellbook mode was added which granted all players different books with the above conditions. In the patch on May 26, Arcane Flash and Zero Shield stopped counting as tier 3 spells and Calling Bell/Vine Bloom/Flurry were changed to give you the extra minion spell if you didn't have it. In the patch on July 2, Random Spellbook mode with all players getting the same book was permanently removed and Unique Random Spellbook mode was made the default. As of October 5, Random Spellbooks mode had the spells icons logged in the chat on game start. Note: It can be used in concurrence with the Original Spells Only and/or F2P Spells Only game modes.

Original Spells Only

In the patch of May 26, an Original Spells Only game mode was introduced to enable players to enjoy the game as it was originally and to relive their nostalgia. In this mode, Summon Dragon Egg gets replaced by Zero Shield and having the Book of Holiday, Book of Illusion, and Book of Blood spells in your spellbook will not let the game begin. Furthermore, the spells tied to familiars like Fire Wave are not available.

F2P Spells Only

In this mode, only the spells considered "F2P" or Free-2-Play from the original game are enabled. This means only the spells from Book of Arcane and Book of Flame (excluding Summon Flame Dragon and Volcano) can be used and having other spells will prevent the game from starting.

Elementals Mode

Elementals Mode was released through the December 21, 2020 patch, enabling players to start the game with an additional full spellbook, alongside their already existing 16 spells. The "elemental" spellbook's familiar is powered to level 3 when the game begins and also grants familiar specific spells as long as Original Spells Only game mode is not also toggled in conjunction with this game mode. The idea for Elementals Mode initially came to fruition because only a select few had access to the Arcane Monster and there were requests of adding other types of "Monsters" for different books (i.e. Flame Monster). This mode was meant to be a way to bridge the gap while also keeping the Arcane Monster game mode unique.

Arcane Monster

Main Article: Arcane Monster

Shuffle Players

In FFA (Free-For-All), this option randomizes the spawn points of all players when the game begins and doesn't take into account join order for the lobby. In Teams, this option randomizes the players' teams when the game begins and also doesn't take into account join order for the lobby. On game end, the order of the original lobby will be restored for players that press the Rematch button.

Zero Shield

As of December 21, 2020, Arcane Zero Shield was replaced by Summon Dragon Egg, and Arcane Zero Shield was instead added as a game mode option. If this is enabled, players cannot cast offensive spells on their first turn. This setting is frequently enabled by players to prevent a turn 1 Arcane Flash off the map. Note: you can still cast Summon Swarm on turn 1 when this mode is active.

FT Bid

First Turn Bid was a game mode option added on May 16, 2021 after frequent discussion in the Discord Server regarding FTA or First Turn Advantage. With this mode enabled, players "bid" how much HP they are willing to sacrifice (0-249) at the beginning of the game. The player with the highest bid loses the HP they were willing to sacrifice and goes first, while all other players don't lose any HP.


First Turn Teleport was added as a game mode option on December 21, 2020, with the Dark Fortress Map and is enabled by default on this map as it doesn't currently support custom spawn points. Players start the first turn in water and get a free Arcane Gate, granting them the option to choose their own spawn. Note: If used in combination with Zero Shield, FTT takes precedence and then Zero Shield the turn after.

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