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The Book of Stone stands out for being effective at both trapping and digging. However, it runs out of juice pretty quickly and struggles in the later stages of the game.


Icon Spell Tier Type Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Description
Pebble Shot.png Pebble Shot 1 Bolt Infinite 0/1 50 pebble damage Fires 10 small pebbles which considerably damage the terrain if they do not hit a target.
Scatter Rock.png Scatter Rock 2 Ball 4 0/1 75 pebble damage Shatters into a number of small pebbles upon impact.
Quake.png Quake 1 Arena Infinite 3/5 68 Shakes the arena and damages all towers. It does no damage to players but may knock them into water or dangerous objects. Note that it does not affect the clock tower.
Disruption.png Disruption 2 Ball 2 0/1 125 Shatters into five Mud Balls.
Mud Ball.png Mud Ball 1 Ball 4 0/1 25 Encases the target area in mud, trapping players and minions.
Mega Boulder.png Mega Boulder 2 Ball 2 3/1 4 x32 = 128 Starts off as a larger-than-average ball. After a brief period of time, it turns into a giant ball which bounces and destroys the surrounding area four times. It is heavier than other balls and bombs and will not travel as far with equivalent power gauge. Only reaches full power when drops from high and hits land next to the Arcanist, making it deal 32 each hit with four hits, which is more damage than the direct hit.
Rock Slab.png Rock Slab 1 Targeted Infinite 0/1 N/A Creates a small slab of land, often used for trapping an opponent, self protection, or a manner of escape from a hole.
Fortress.png Fortress 2 Tower 1 0/- 100hp The strongest tower in the game. It is also probably the largest though (excluding sanctuary), making it the most obvious target.
Dwarf.png Summon Dwarf 1 Minion Infinite 0/5 N/A Summons a Dwarf, which can mine or set dynamite. A dwarf cannot jump very high, but has a decent long jump.
Rock Golem.png Summon Rock Golem 2 Arcane Minion Infinite 3/5 N/A Summons a Rock Golem. Note that a Rock Golem has similar damage resistance to an Arcanist with a Pet Rock (and resistance bonuses are added if the Rock Golem's owner also has Pet Rock familiar). Cannot jump very high or far
Meteor.png Meteor 3 Targeted 1 5/- 175, mainly pebble damage Drops a huge rock through the terrain, usually digging all the way through to the waterline. Shatters into pebbles on the way down. It is still affected by fire shield & wind shield, however, and can be thrown far off course by a Blizzard, Storm, or an English Summer.
Fissure.png Fissure 3 Targeted 1 5/- 2625, mainly pebble damage Fires scatter rocks from the bottom of the map. On the turn in which it is cast a few are fired: on the subsequent turn, a lot are fired.


Pet Rock.png The familiar for the complete Stone book is a Pet Rock. It reduces damage taken (by you and your minions), usually by 5 (at level 5) for each hit to you or your minions. This means that although a single shot spell such as Fire ball would be reduced from 50 to 45, multiple shot spells such as Thunder Shock would be reduced from 5 to 1 each, making total damage only 10. The familiar never gives immunity to damage, no matter how small. The familiar will also reduce the amount of HP you recover from Heal Sphere. In Elementals Mode, the damage reduction is a maximum of 3 (at level 5).

Familiar specific changes

  • Level 1: Learn the spell Stepping Stone with Cooldown 5(reduced by 1 per level).:
  • Level 3: Learn the spell Summon Mountain Goat.
    Icon Spell Tier Type Health Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
    Stepping Stone.png Stepping Stone 1 Targeted N/A Infinite 0/5-1 N/A Places a small stone. Does not end your turn.
    Summon Mountain Goat.png Summon Mountain Goat 3 Minion 50HP Infinite 3/5 N/A Great for reaching high places and being annoying.


Icon Minion Health Spells Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
DwarfMinion.png Dwarf 50 Mine (Targeted)
Infinite 0/1 50 Allows the dwarf to mine through the earth towards a target. The dwarf will travel directly through Arcanists and minions, making it difficult to hit throughout the whole move (only true if you don't put the target right on the dwarf, which will deal 75 damage to the thing right next to it). Terminates once the Dwarf reaches the target or until Mine's duration has expired
Kablam! (Personal)
Infinite 0/1 75 The dwarf lays dynamite and attempts to run away. Deals double damage to Towers.
RockGolem.png Rock Golem 100 Wallop (Personal)
Infinite 0/1 30

The Golem's fist travels a short distance away from its body to hit the target.

Scatter Rock
Scatter Rock.png
4 0/1 75 See above.
Mega Boulder
Mega Boulder.png
2 0/1 200 See above.
Mud Ball
Mud Ball.png
4 0/1 25 See above.
MountainGoat.png Mountain Goat 50 None N/A N/A N/A N/A

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