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The Book of Seasons is a Seasonal themed book that was added in January 2022 with patch v4.5 as a replacement for the outdated Book of Holiday. It was largely brought to life and conceptualized by DamselOfDistress#9231, who created the vast majority of the spell icons, and minion textures, as well as the book icon. Additionally, contributions were made by The boi they call ya boi#3793 for vfx, and SnoThaPro#3648 for sfx. This spellbook has an exclusive quiz tied along with it on the game end screen, and introduces a new seasonal mechanic.


Icon Spell Tier Type Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Description
Summon Monarchs.png Summon Monarchs 1 Minion Infinite 0/5 N/A Butterflies are beautiful creatures, until they fly into your face and bite your head off! Luckily they can only do it once. Monarchs are also unable to enter water within the arena boundaries.
Erosion.png Erosion 2 Bolt 2 0/1 Up to 75 damage Excels at removing that top soil, revealing those nasty vermin that dwell beneath the surface.
Life Dew.png Life Dew 1 Personal 4 0/1 Up to 40 damage/heal If the target is an ally they will be refreshed, however a foe will get a terrible surprise.
Acorn.png Acorn 2 Ball Infinite 0/5 25 Plants an oak tree wherever it lands, which grows for the next three turns.
Morning Sun.png Morning Sun 1 Targeted Infinite 3/5 Up to 21 damage for 5 turns The sun is able to break through the upper atmosphere with great intensity damaging anyone, except for the caster, in its path with its three beams of pur3 awesomeness. Lasts five turns.
Breeze.png Breeze 2 Arena Infinite 3/5 0 Pushes everyone in the direction the caster is facing, disrupting non-shielded inexperienced flight users in an attempt to make them crash land.
Exploding Pinecone.png Exploding Pinecone 1 Ball Infinite 0/1 Up to 85 damage A pinecone that breaks into 12 different projectiles. Can explode mid-air.
Autumn Leaves.png Autumn Leaves 2 Targeted Infinite 3/5 Up to 210 damage Leaf piles are fun to play in, but making the pile is back breaking.
Summon Snowman.png Summon Snowman 1 Arcane Minion Infinite 3/5 N/A Summons a Snowman.
Snow Globe.png Snow Globe 2 Tower Infinite 0/5 N/A A tower that mounts you in a Snow Globe. Has its own Blizzard above that heals the tower, similar to Ice Castle.
Summon Dryad.png Summon Dryad 3 Arcane Minion 1 5/- N/A A peaceful creature who dissipates all nearby shields, glyphs, auras and flight spells.
The Four Seasons.png The Four Seasons 3 Targeted Infinite 5/5 Varies Causes the Seasons to begin rotating (Indefinitely) and unleash the power of the elements across the map for the next four turns depending on the active season, you'll be quizzed at the end of the game, so get your cue cards out.

The Four Seasons' exclusive spells

These spells cycle through dependent on the current season once The Four Seasons spell has been cast. Casting them will not end your turn and adds an additional 3 seconds to the turn clock.

Icon Spell Type Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Description
Winter Weather.png Winter Weather Targeted 1 0/1 Up to 100 damage A weak Blizzard which lasts but a single turn.
Spring Weather.png Spring Weather Targeted 1 0/1 Up to 100 damage A weak Storm which lasts but a single turn.
Summer Weather.png Summer Weather Targeted 1 0/1 Up to 60 damage A weak English Summer which lasts but a single turn.
Autumn Weather.png Autumn Weather Targeted 1 0/1 Up to 105 damage A weak Autumn Leaves.


The Seasons familiar is Harmony. As with other familiars, you use it by paying 20 health points per level, which you can do up to 5 times. Every time you power the familiar, you gain an additional use of Life Dew, Snowman health increases by 5, the duration of Breeze increases, the amount of Autumn Leaves that fall increases, and the Four Seasons' exclusive spell usage is extended by an additional turn.

Familiar specific changes:

  • Level 5: The Four Seasons' exclusive spells no longer requires The Four Seasons to be cast again.


Icon Minion Health Spells Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
Monarch.png Monarch 40 Flutter 1 0/1 0 Knocks the target in a small radius around the monarch.
Snowman.png Snowman 75 → 100 Snowbolt Infinite 0/1 Up to 90 damage Pretty much a snowball in bolt form.
Melt Infinite 0/1 Current Health as damage The snowman melts into water droplets. Amount depends on its current health.
Dryad.gif Dryad 150 Chomp Infinite 0/1 50 Don't worry it won't bite... too hard.

Seasons Quiz


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