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The Book of Illusion is a book that excels at evading opponents and threats thrown its way and has the unique ability to Duplicate an opponent for a minion slot to acquire their full spellbook. Additionally, it enables the player to use spells that enable movement through terrain. This was the first community made book that was conceptualized largely by The boi they call ya boi#3793 in the Discord Server, who created the spell assets and the abilities. The book was added into the game through the May 26, 2020 patch.


Icon Spell Tier Type Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Description
Vertex.png Vortex 1 Targeted Infinite 0/5 N/A Disrupts spells going through it and confuses arrow spells. Facing right will pull the projectiles towards the centre. Facing left will push them away.
Magical Barrier.png Magical Barrier 2 Targeted Infinite 3/5 N/A A spell barrier. Stops up to 50 spells and lasts 3 turns.
Whisper Bomb.png Whisper Bomb 1 Bomb Infinite 0/1 40 Ignores all collision for the first 0.166 seconds of being thrown before it materializes (still affected by shields). Gains up to 40 additional damage the further horizontally it is thrown, and depending on the level of the illusion player's familiar.
Whisper Arrow.png Whisper Arrow 2 Arrow 2 0/1 65 Ignores all collision for the first 0.166 seconds of flight before it materializes (still affected by shields).
Color Spray.png Color Spray 1 Bolt 3 1/1 50-110 Toss colorful balls at your enemy. Increases damage potential with every bounce, up to 3 times. Explodes on contact.
The ol' swaparoo.png The ol' swaparoo 2 Targeted Infinite 3/5 N/A Swap places with a target or just move yourself over a short distance.
Glide.png Glide 1 Personal 4 0/1 N/A Starts active when game begins (and ends on your turn). Gives you the ability to glide for 1 turn, and by holding the ignore glide key, you can jump without it taking effect. While gliding you will attempt to turn around while going out of bounds. This spell does not end your turn, and can not be used with Flight.
Floating Castle.png Floating Castle 2 Tower Infinite 0/5 N/A A castle that floats but can be tangled. Up, up, and away!
Air Surge.png Air Surge 1 Blast Infinite 0/1 50 A medium range, sudden burst of air, that travels in a straight line.
Summon Phantom.png Summon Phantom 2 Minion Infinite 3/5 N/A A unique minion that has the ability to ignore terrain. It cannot be hit directly as spells pass through it, however it can be damaged by AOE (Area Of Effect) spells, when its stuck in terrain by spells like Water Ball, or by linking a Vine Bridge to it to create terrain. Can cast Air Surge if equipped.
Apparition.png Apparition 3 Personal 1 5/- N/A Become a phantom for 2 turns. Restricts your spells to Arcane and Illusion.
Duplication.png Duplication 3 Targeted 1 5/- N/A Duplicate any minion or player. Spawns with half of the original's health. Lasts 4 turns. Does not come with any spawned auras or familiars attached to it.


Illusion Book.png The Illusion familiar is Allusion. As with other familiars, you use it by paying 20 health points per level, which you can do up to 5 times. Every time you power the familiar, your Arcanist grows smaller in size, gives +20HP to one of the lowest minions or allies on your team, and adds a social distancing effect to whisper bomb that allows the spell to do more damage when it is thrown more distance horizontally.

Familiar specific changes:

  • Level 3: Gain the spell Blink.
  • Level 5: Duplicates have no expiration and spawn with 75% of the target's health. Vertex is buffed.
    Icon Spell Tier Type Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
    Blink.png Blink 5 Targeted Infinite 3/5 N/A Short range teleport that does not end your turn... in the blink of an eye!


Icon Minion Health Spells Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
Phantom.png Phantom 25 Air Surge
Air Surge.png
Infinite 0/1 50 See above.

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