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The Book of Frost contains some of the most high damage spells in the game. However, many of these are offset by low accuracy or difficulty in achieving the damage. For example, many spells split into ice or snow, which can be difficult to accurately hit your enemy with.


Icon Spell Tier Type Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Description
Ice Ball.png Ice Ball 1 Ball Infinite 0/1 75 Small explosion, then shatters into ice.
Ice Bomb.png Ice Bomb 2 Bomb 2 3/1 250 Releases a number of ice balls.
Frost Shards.png Frost Shards 1 Bolt 4 0/1 75 Fires 15 frost shards. As with most other bolts, if one of them hits you, or, if you stand directly next to/on top of your target, the spell will stop, and you will suffer damage.
Frost Arrow.png Frost Arrow 2 Arrow 2 0/1 75 Fires frost shards upon impact. High knock-back.
Snow Ball.png Snow Ball 1 Ball Infinite 0/1 100 Snow Will detonate when it reaches its apex (top of its trajectory), or on impact, sending snow down on to the target. The ball itself is not snow and will not form land if it hits water before detonating.
Blizzard.png Blizzard 2 Targeted Infinite 3/5 1000 Snow Produces a cloud which hovers over an area and drops snow on it for the next four turns; the snow will fall at the beginning of the casting Arcanist's turn. Most missiles, including Meteor and Comet, are deflected by the cloud.
Ice Shield.png Ice Shield 1 Personal Infinite 1/5 N/A Creates a thin barrier around the caster. Does not end the caster's turn.
Ice Castle.png Ice Castle 2 Tower Infinite 0/5 75hp If an Ice Castle lands on water it will create an ice platform at the expense of a small amount of health, usually 5hp. The Ice Castle is immune to snow damage and it heals the tower, however.
Summon Sylph.png Summon Sylph 1 Minion Infinite 0/5 N/A Summons a Sylph.
Summon Frost Giant.png Summon Frost Giant 2 Minion Infinite 3/5 N/A Whenever a frost giant is summoned a snow cloud appears above its head and will remain above it where ever it goes.
Comet.png Comet 3 Targeted Infinite 5/5 500 Drops a Comet, which does 50 damage on impact and shatters into a number of ice balls and frost shards.
Frost Dragon.png Summon Frost Dragon 3 Minion 1 5/- N/A Summons a Frost Dragon.


Frost Sprite.png The Frost familiar is the Frost Sprite. It increases the jumping ability of your minions, and makes the water you stand on freeze, turning your life into ice platforms in increments of 5-1 hit points depending on the level of your familiar.

Familiar specific changes:

  • Level 1: Gain the spell Frost Leap.
    Icon Spell Tier Type Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
    Frost Familiar.png Frost Leap 1 Ball Infinite 0/1 N/A Leap across the map. Max power is increased for each Frost familiar level you have. Aim it like every other ball spell. This spell does not end your turn.


Icon Minion Health Spells Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
SlyphMinion.png Sylph 50 Sylph Arrow
Sylph Arrow.png
Infinite 0/1 60 Shoots three frost arrows which home in on the target.
Ice Shield
Ice Shield.png
Infinite 0/5 N/A See above.
FrostGiantMinion.png Frost Giant 100 Smash (Personal)
Infinite 0/1 30 A short range attack with high knock-back.
Frost Giant-Ball
Ice Ball.png
Infinite 0/1 75 Same as Ice Ball.
Ice Bomb
Ice Bomb.png
2 0/1 250 See above.
Snow Ball
Snow Ball.png
Infinite 0/1 100 Snow See above.
FrostDragon.png Frost Dragon 150 Frost Dragon Breath (Bolt)
Frost Dragon Breath.png
Infinite 0/1 125 Releases a high powered ice bolt, which splits into snow on impact.

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