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Arcane Monster is a Game Mode where players with this ArcMonster.gif symbol have the ability to become an Arcane Monster player with a full Arcane spell book equipped. The power of Arcane Monster grants the user's Arcane spells more damage, healing from Arcane damage, and level 4 stone resistance.

The Arcane Monster was released in the game with the patch of January 4, 2020. With this Game Mode, players who have the ArcMonster.gif next to their name or seen when their name is right-clicked in chat (previously represented by OldArcMonster.png) receive an enhanced Book of Arcane which JMods (Jagex Moderators OldDevCrown.png) had access to in the original game. It was a challenge to beat a JMod and on victory, the winner also acquired the books power for themselves. That challenge has been transferred to Arcanists 2, wherein you can challenge the current guardians of the Arcane Monster (Usman899, Siggy/Sigtinius, Quinn, tot, MileyyHannah, or TheBandit) to a battle to obtain the power of Arcane for yourself.

The Arcane Monster starts with 500HP at the start of the game. The power of Arcane Monster grants the user's Arcane spells more damage, healing from Arcane damage, and level 4 stone resistance. The one use Familiar also disables all other full spellbook familiars in the game, whether they've been activated or not, for a price of 100HP. Summon Imps brings forth 100HP minions instead of the regular 10HP. Moreover, if Original Spells Only mode isn't enabled, the Arcane Monster has access to Summon Dragon Egg, the Arcane Dragon (250HP), and Arcane Mist.

Typical ways to beat an Arcane Monster include bringing Imp Destruction to counter their Imps, Arcane Tower as the Monster would have to get in Arcane Flash range to cast Arcane Fountain (an Arcane Flash but one that specifically de-towers an Arcane Tower, and terrain destruction spells or stalling spells like Static Ball. It is highly recommended that you do not bring a full spellbook as your familiar will get disabled.

With the patch of February 20, 2020, this was made into an official game mode that required the host of a game to enable its use, otherwise forcing the default Book of Arcane to be used instead.

Note: The spell shown here are similar to the Book of Arcane spells but have different damage or health values.


Icon Spell Tier Type Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Destruction Radius Maximum Damage Description
Arcane Arrow.png Arcane Arrow 1 Arrow Infinite 0/1 Small 10x10 Arcane Fires ten homing arrows.
Arcane Bomb.png Arcane Bomb 2 Bomb/Arrow Infinite 0/1 Medium 10x10 Arcane + 15 mist dmg A bomb which explodes as a 10 damage Arcane Flash and then releases nine Arcane Arrows which always start by going slightly upwards from the explosion. The explosion also leaves behind an arcane mist.
Arcane Tower.png Arcane Tower 1 Tower Infinite 0/5 Small 25hp This spell can't be used by an arcane monster.
Arcane Energiser.png Arcane Energiser 2 Personal Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Powers up each part of the caster's Arcane attacks by 5 damage for 5 turns.
Arcane Gate.png Arcane Gate 1 Targeted Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Teleports the player to the target position.
Arcane Portal.png Arcane Portal 2 Targeted Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Creates a two-way portal which will teleport one player, small minion (no larger than a player), or small object (projectiles such as a Comet, Meteor, or an expanded Mega Boulder, Flame Walls and Thunder Shock are also excluded) per turn. Only one per player may be active at a time. Note that the user is normally too big to enter the portal, but imps can get through.
Summon Imps.png Summon Imps 1 Arcane Minion Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Summons 3 Imps. Imps gain hp through Arcane damage (like Arcane Arrows or Arcane Flash) to a maximum of 250hp. Without Imp Destruction, they will just self-destruct and release all their energy.
Imp Destruction.png Imp Destruction 2 Targeted/Arena Infinite 0/1 Small-Massive Total health of all imps (theoretical max 6000 or 9000 with Arcane Energizer) All imps in the game first do an extremely low power arcane flash, then are converted into a number of arcane arrows proportional to each's individual health that converge at the target location. Unfortunately, they perish in the process leaving behind an arcane mist.
Arcane Glyph.png Arcane Glyph 1 Personal 4 0/1 Small 10x20 Arcane Creates a ring of 20 vibrant glyphs around the caster. It will only affect other players and minions.
Arcane Sigil.png Arcane Sigil 2 Targeted 4 0/1 Small 10x3 Arcane Creates a triangle of three Arcane Glyphs at a selected location.
Arcane Flash.png Arcane Flash 1 Personal Infinite 0/1 Large 15 Arcane + 10x25 Arcane Arrow dmg Release a circle of energy around you with high knockback and land destruction. If used on an opposing arcane tower, the tower goes away, releasing 25 arcane arrows in a rising fountain pattern above the victim.
Summon Dragon Egg.png Summon Dragon Egg 1 Arcane Minion Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Summons a dragon egg that can hatch into different stages of a dragon depending on its current health. Hatches into a hatchling if between 1HP-24HP, a Baby Dragon if between 25HP-149HP, and into a Flame Dragon, Storm Dragon, or Frost Dragon if it has 150HP. It can also hatch into a Steam Dragon if killed by a Clockwork Bomb.
Arcane Mist.png Arcane Mist N/A Targeted N/A Infinite 3/5 15 Arcane per turn over 5 turns. Like Aura of Decay, only Arcane.
Arcane Meteor.png Arcane Meteor N/A Targeted 1 0/5 N/A Up to 125 damage Dissipates all nearby shields, glyphs, auras, and flight spells at the impact site and its randomly placed portal's location
Summon Arcane Dragon.png Arcane Dragon N/A Arcane Minion 1 0/5 N/A N/A Summons an arcane dragon with 250 hp and having almost all of the same abilities.


ArcaneIcon.png The Arcane Monster Familiar is Arcane Neutrality. Activating it will disable all familiars for the rest of the game for a price of 100hp.


Icon Minion Initial Health Maximum Health Spells Number of Charges Initial Charge Time/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
ImpMinion.png Imp 100 250 Banish
1 0/- N/A Kills the Imp, but does not do any damage except leaving an arcane mist behind. Doesn't end the player's turn, but may not be done more than once per turn.
Self Destruct
Self Destruct.png
1 0/- Imp's current health (Arcane) Causes the Imp to explode, leaving an arcane mist behind as well as dealing damage equal to its health to all players and minions in an area of radius proportional to its health. This damage buffs Arcane Towers and Imps but damages the Imp's owner (unlike other Arcane damage).
Baby Dragon.png Baby Dragon 25 149 Rawr! (Rake)
Infinite 0/1 50 Watch enemies cower in fear to your mighty roar!
Summon Dragon Hatchling.png Dragon Hatchling 1 24 Arcane Flash (Personal)
Arcane Flash.png
Infinite 0/1 15 Arcane See above.
Arcane Glyph (Personal)
Arcane Glyph.png
2 0/1 10x10 Arcane See above.
ArcaneDragon.png Arcane Dragon 250 250 Arcane Arrow (Personal)
Arcane Arrow.png
Infinite 0/1 10x10 Arcane See above.
Arcane Bomb (Personal)
Arcane Bomb.png
Infinite 0/1 10x10 Arcane + 15 mist dmg See above.
Arcane Energiser (Personal)
Arcane Energiser.png
Infinite 0/5 N/A See above.
Arcane Gate (Personal)
Arcane Gate.png
Infinite 0/5 N/A See above.
Arcane Portal (Personal)
Arcane Portal.png
Infinite 0/5 N/A See above.
Summon Imps (Personal)
Summon Imps.png
Infinite 0/5 N/A See above.
Imp Destruction (Personal)
Imp Destruction.png
Infinite 0/1 N/A See above.
Arcane Glyph (Personal)
Arcane Glyph.png
4 0/1 10x20 Arcane See above.
Arcane Sigil (Personal)
Arcane Sigil.png
4 0/1 10x3 Arcane See above.
Arcane Flash (Personal)
Arcane Flash.png
Infinite 0/1 15 Arcane + 10x25 Arcane Arrow dmg See above.
Arcane Mist (Personal)
Arcane Mist.png
Infinite 3/5 15 Arcane per turn over 5 turns. See above.

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