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Advanced Topics

In Arcanists 2, as well as with the original Arcanists, there exist some set of mechanics utilized in experienced play which are not trivially understandable or clear in their execution or explanation. This page functions as the repository and table of contents for the links to the pages on this wiki explaining these mechanics.

The Advanced Topics pages all contain the italicized header that you see at the top of this page. It should be emphasized that the goal of these pages is providing players, regardless of experience , the means to understanding experienced play. While these pages may explain the execution of a particular action or mechanic, these pages are not written with the core intention to guide the reader to becoming an experienced player.

These pages would not exist without the community and community members' willingness to gather and share knowledge. From the current author of this section, I hope that this section helps Arcanists 2 continue to be a friendly and fair environment.

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(OG-Spells Only) Dark Knight Hump


Aura Stacking

Pegasus Assisted Penetration

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